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Tasman Grit Steel Cleaning are proudly known throughout the Riverina and NSW as the market leader in Abrasive Blasting and Metal Coating solutions.

We utilize the latest industry practices in blasting and painting to provide you with metal coatings that stand the test of time. You may have already driven under a steel structure that has started its life in our workshop, Tasman Grit has a brand that can be seen all over Australia.

Construction companies, businesses and members of the public know who to trust with their steel refurbishing projects and we thank them for their ongoing business.


At Tasman Grit Steel Cleaning we are fortunate to have some of the regions most experienced and passionate staff on hand to deliver quality advice leading to professional steel products. The 25 year innings of our nationwide service delivery, combined with our dedicated team has been the foundation for continued excellence in the Metal Coatings field.

Our resume’ of clientele and completed projects stands ahead of any in the region. We value our clients and customers, and always strive to achieve the best result first time, every time. If you have a custom job you’d like to discuss, our friendly staff are awaiting your estimate request.



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With over 25 years experience in the Abrasive Blasting and Metal Coating Industry, a diverse resume’ of completed projects and clientele, Tasman Grit Steel Cleaning are your number one choice.

We request that to assist in receiving an accurate estimate that you send clear photos of your project to

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The clearer the photos are the better our estimators may determine pricing.

With large scale works such as large trailers, truck works, structural steel; please include dimensions and specifications of all components.

All estimates should be treated as a guide to price.

All prices are subject to change pending special requirements, complexity of project and the condition of metal surface prior to works.

*Pre-powdercoated surfaces will attract a higher price due to the difficult nature of cleaning and removing.



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